Pershore High School


Pershore High School has extensive experience in ITT, having been a Training School for five years, and received an extremely positive Ofsted Inspection Report in July 2013. We provide a supportive environment in a dynamic comprehensive school for 12-18 year olds, giving opportunities to widen professional experience inside and outside the classroom. Trainees will be part of successful and high achieving departments, with a wealth of experience to draw from. Trainees will have a comprehensive Professional Programme of training to follow and be part of a large contingent of fellow trainees from other routes into teaching. Evaluation feedback from ITT trainees is always positive, with 100% of trainees awarding the provision a good or better rating. This, alongside department support, will give you the best possible start to your new career.

Criteria for selection:

Good honours degree in the subject you wish to teach, and (if appropriate) relevant subject related work experience.

GCSE Maths and English with at least a Grade C.

Pre-entry Skills Tests

All applicants will need to complete a pre-entry skills test for courses starting from September 2014. Applicants must pass skills tests in literacy and numeracy before commencing the course. You will need to have submitted an application in order to book your test.  Once you have passed your skills test this will not require revalidating for a further 3 years.

Pre-entry re-sits are limited to two per subject. The first attempt at taking your skills tests in each subject is provided free of charge. We would expect applicants to have booked their skills test prior to being interviewed.

We are looking for someone who has:

A clear commitment and desire to do their best for young people;

An interest in the achievements of young people;

An open mind as to how their previous experiences can apply to the new context of a school;

A willingness to act upon the advice of professional colleagues supporting them;

An understanding of the professional environment in which teachers work;

Is organised and efficient, has excellent communication skills and a determination to embrace the school’s culture of high expectations and achievement.

Schools Direct Training Programmes 2016-17

Whilst this route is non-salaried, there are various means to secure funding to support you. We suggest you also visit the DfE funding section for information on accessing bursaries, grants and student loans.

Science – Chemistry or Physics

Science Department: HOD – Sarah Cox

Students at Pershore High School follow the Oxford Activate 2 Scheme in year 8, with most groups being taught by one or two members of staff.  We maintain close liaison with colleagues in our three contributory middle schools to ensure continuity and progression within Key Stage 3.

Students begin studying for their Science GCSEs in year 9. The two top sets in each year will follow the Separate Science course.  From September 2015 all other year 10 and 11 groups will work towards GCSE Science and Additional Science. In year 9 they will begin the new Combined Science GCSE. All students at Pershore High School study Science until the end of Key Stage 4 and we expect to enter all students for GCSE examinations.  The Combined Science students in year 9 will be taught by two Science teachers. All other classes will be taught by three specialist teachers.

 At AS and A2 level, the Science department offers Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  From September 2015, year 13 students In Physics follow the OCR Advancing Physics course; whilst year 12 will follow the new AQA A level Physics course.  In Biology and Chemistry students follow the OCR A level courses. Our AS and A2 level courses are both very popular.  Students are encouraged to attend evening lectures and conferences, and links and have been made with universities such as Birmingham, Reading and Worcester to provide workshops for students.  These have included outside speakers covering topics such as: material science; land-speed record attempts; particle physics at CERN, gel electrophoresis and chemical analysis.  Our Sixth Form students are enthusiastic and hardworking.  Results at Key Stage 3 and GCSE are good and improving year on year; they are above national and county averages, as are the results at AS and A2 level. 

The department is staffed by ten full time teachers, assisted by three laboratory technicians, housed in a purpose-built science block.  This has eleven laboratories, three preparation areas and staff workroom, all laboratories are fitted with digital projectors and all staff have laptop computers. 

The department is committed to high standards and high expectations in terms of student achievement and behaviour, the Head of Science is very active in encouraging staff to develop their expertise and play a full role in the work of the department.

Our main concern is to enable our students to achieve their full potential and we take pride in all their achievements, and the calm and purposeful ethos which permeates our school.  We are committed to continuous improvement, with particular regard to staff welfare and development. 


Music Department: HOD – Keith Walden

The Performing Arts Department at Pershore High School has a very positive reputation and has produced excellent GCSE and AS/2 results in recent years.  There are two classroom music teachers and they are supported by a team of peripatetic staff who provide instrumental and vocal tuition.  There is teaching at KS5 of both Music and Music Technology, there are Y11 and Y10 GCSE Music groups and pupils at KS3 receive two classroom music lessons per fortnight.  We also benefit from the support of a Performing Arts Technician.

The Music department ethos is that Music is a practical subject and one that should be experienced first-hand wherever possible.  There are two main teaching rooms within the Music department, an additional A-level teaching space and also a practice room and music instrument store.  One classroom is equipped with 20 Apple Mac computers and is designed to develop pupil skills in sequencing, composing, listening and arranging using GarageBand at KS3.  Pupils at KS4 and KS5 also use GarageBand and Sibelius is used by many for GCSE composition work.  Logic X is used by pupils studying Music Technology in KS5.  There are 7 additional Apple Mac computers equipped with the same software in the A-level teaching space; this area also serves as a recording space where pupils have access to recording equipment such as microphones, a firewire recording interface and the like.  The other main teaching classroom is equipped with keyboards and there are a sufficient number of these to enable pupils to have one each; pupils undertake composing, listening and performing work in this space.

At KS5 pupils follow the Edexcel Music Technology specification.  There are 2 pupils following the course in Y13.  In A-level Music there are 2 Y13 pupils and 7 Y12 pupils.  These students follow the OCR Music specification.  At KS4 pupils follow the AQA GCSE Music specification.  We have a small cohort of 8 pupils in Y11 and there are 18 pupils in Y10.  The department has a proven track record of exam success at all levels with a significant number of pupils studying music at post-18 level. 

Enrichment to the curriculum is vital in Music and pupils have many opportunities to explore the subject outside of the classroom that are not peripatetic lessons.  Pupils have enjoyed the challenge of singing 4-part choral repertoire at both Worcester Cathedral and the Royal Albert Hall in recent years.   Both choir and orchestra perform at our annual Carol Service and at other events throughout the year.  We have extremely successful school productions and other events where musicians actively participate and pupils also have the opportunity when available to work with external partners to broaden their musical horizons.  Pupils are also encouraged to form their own ensembles and encouraged to develop their own musical styles.

We are a well-knit department with high standards; all colleagues within the department have high expectations in terms of pupil achievement and behaviour.  The department has worked with many trainee teachers in recent years and is fully committed to ensuring success on the course.  As far as possible, individual needs will be met to ensure colleagues receive as much support as possible.  Our primary concern is to enable our pupils to achieve their full potential and we take pride in all their achievements, and the calm and purposeful ethos that permeates our school. 

How to apply

To apply for School Direct you will need to complete the online application on the UCAS website:

Contact: Mrs Helen Witherick

Role: Training Manager